Stepping into the digital era

Adapting and overcoming; these are two things we find ourselves needing to do on a daily basis. The tattoo industry has came along way in so many different areas regarding this subject. From PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) to the Machines turning into complex pieces of hardware supporting bluetooth, or needles evolving into cartridges with every needle grouping you could imagine! Now as we are about to go into 2021, We are stepping into an entire new world Blogging! 

Some changes have already happened over the years and you might have not even taken a moment to realize it. When is the last time you have gone into a tattoo parlor and just picked a design from the wall or browsed the stack of portfolios on the counter of a random shop you were walking by not knowing who’s they might be? Social media platforms are used more than ever to find the perfect artist for that sleeve you have always envisioned.

While these platforms are amazing for putting out content or media for everyone to see… Sometimes you have a question that isn’t commonly addressed or want a little more information about a specific subject. Blogs  give us the unique opportunity to not only educate and provide detailed information you might not find readily available, and also get to join us on this new digital adventure.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions. Whether you are filling in gaps to finishing that bodysuit or turning 18 soon and questioning if a specific location is painful. We will do our best to give you the information you need. We are based out of Las Vegas, NV! So if you are visiting or a local just curious about the tattoo process, no question will be left unanswered.

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