Tattooing & Business-Realism l In-person May 21-24
  • Tattooing & Business-Realism l In-person May 21-24

    Master Class: 3 days of tattooing process with Daniel and 1 day of Tattoo Business Seminar with Emily


    Are you struggling tattooing realism subjects? Want to execute proper details in your pieces? Learn how to deal with the business side by joining Daniel and Em for 4 days seminar. 


    DATES: May 21th-24th, 2021


    Day 1: A full day of reference selecting, photography, preparing stencil, tips and tricks on photoshop. Creating custom images.


    Day 2: (live tattooing) Daniel's complete set up, skin prep, stencil placing and tattooing.


    Day 3: (live tattooing) Finish tattoo and Q&A


    Day 4: (Business) Em will discuss business structure, dealing and preparing for taxes, balancing business with personal life. She will go in depth on advertising, booking appointments, deposits, when to know it's time to rise your price. Em will show you how to deal with spousal/child support to enusre your business is not effected as well as how to deal with lawsuits from clients and what to do when clients go to far and how to protect yourself.


    Start time 9:00 am-3:30 p.m. with a 30 minute break from 12pm to 12:30pm PST.


    Food is included for all 4 days with drinks 


    *** If you are an appretice, we will need a letter from mentor prior to attendance.***


    How do I reserve a spot?

    1. You can call in with your card (702) 665-4211 from 1pm-8pm PDT



    • Deposits:

      Deposits are non refundable.