Tattooing Raider Player

We get asked: Do you guys tattoo Raider players? What are the plans for the studio once the Allegiant Stadium opens? What is it like when we tattoo celebrities? How far is the studio from the stadium?

Seven Tattoo Studio is about 1 block walking distance from the Allegiant stadium. We plan to have business as usually when the stadium opens. We have added 3 new artists to our roster to welcome the additional clients. We always recommend to book your appointment ahead of time but we do plan on having artists for walk ins. 

We have tattooed Andre James #68 and Johnathan Abram #24 from the Las Vegas Raiders. As far as how it's like, they are just like every person humble and a pleasure to have at the studio.

We even had Andre James stop by our Grand Opening party. Seen here with owners Daniel and Em.We tattoo several celebrities from UFC fighters, Football players, Rappers, Reality TV stars, professional golfers, Musicians, Singers, Porn Stars and more. Chance are you will run into one at our studio.

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