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Meet one of our scheduling coordinators Janice! Born in 1990 in suburban Los Angeles. She grew up in a split household with 5 other siblings between them. Janice relocated to Las Vegas at the age of four and has been in Vegas ever since. Growing up in a very traditional family, was always lead to believe she needed to be in the medical industry, went to college for 4years fresh out of high school to get her bio degree, despite not truly having a passion for it. Since then, sadly her parents have passed, but Janice now sees this as a time for change and to finally pursue her true passion… ART! Now with her eyes set on learning the craft of tattooing and wanted to push her oil paintings to new levels, she finds herself happy surrounding herself with talented individuals who strive to perfect their craft. When she is not replying to all your inquiries and emails, you can find her hanging out at home with Ukyo The crested gecko and other animal companions watching some anime.


Meet the man behind the camera, our Videographer Alex. Born in Vegas at UMC hospital in 97’. Alex has naturally always had an appreciation of streaming and creating content. Starting his first Youtube channel in middle school, Alex has been following the content creation side of media for some time now. Soon after, started expanding his knowledge and learning the audio visual video of the industry on top of Adobe premier. After a few years, Buying his first DSLR camera in 2016, began the next step of his journey and started a job at a small start up production company creating content for a local gym and christian network. After 3years of gaining experience, Alex decided to move forward with his career and youtube channel as a freelance videographer while working full time as a Uber driver and bussing tables at the local BBQ hotspot on the strip. Currently, having a growing youtube channel with his own community, a vast knowledge of techniques and programs at his disposal, and his passion to create content that grows daily! As everything falls into place for this up and coming content creator, we are thrilled to bring this fresh talent to the team and see what exciting new content he will create. If you find yourself in our studio and see someone walking around with a camera, say hello, Alex loves to talk to clients and capture the story of what brought you to our shop!


Meet the COO of Seven Tattoo Studio; Emily Rocha! Originally from West Phx, AZ. Emily or “Em” for short as known around the studio, started off her her journey as a medical assistant before meeting husband Daniel Rocha at a local Lowrider show. 5 months later after the two hit it off, she relocated to Las Vegas. Emily then started working for a criminal defense attorney in town where she gained a lot of business knowledge that was applied into our studio today. Daniel at this point has been growing and refining his skills as tattoo artist, decided it was time to open his own studio after working at a few shops around town; lots of work was needed to be done. Struggling to find proper help, Em wanted to see her partner succeed with his dreams, changed careers one last time and stepped into the realm of owning business with her husband. This year marks 10 years since opening the first location on Sahara and Decatur. Emily has been hard at work expanding her knowledge of business ownership, and often finds herself joining live webinars and online sessions to adapt into our studio. If you don’t find her hard at work keeping the shop running smoothly, chances are you will find her telling a hilarious story or adding to her every growing Baby Groot collection.


Meet Jay! One of the passionate individuals we are pleased to have on our team. Jay helps assist clients and the others with setups, breakdowns, food runs, and just general work around the studio. Born in 94ʼ Jay is the youngest of 4. From a young age, Jayʼs father passed away and was just his mother raising the Family. She worked hard and clearly imprinted on him. From his first job at the age of 14 handing out flyers for Shaigoon #8, has always had a strong work ethic and strived to do whatever task he was given to the highest standard. He might not be a tattoo artist, but since working around our Team has been pursuing new goals of creating his own clothing company ( he is proficient at sewing) and being more involved in the community with a boys and girls club in the future


Meet Brian, Social Media and Marketing is where his primary focus goes for the studio. His story starts off in Riverside, CA before moving to Tucson, AZ for a huge chunk of his life. Starting off in retail, Brian was always intrigued by tattoos, and ended up with his first one at the age of 17. Moving to Las Vegas on a spur of the moment decision and not looking back. Brian has now been working in tattoo shops for the past several years, networking, and working along side very talented individuals. Though not an artist by trade, you can find Brian collecting tattoos and prints from artist all over the world to add to his personal collection. When not working at the shop, you will find him traveling and exploring local art, and restaurants. If at the shop and need some food recommendations, feel free to ask for him.


Meet one of our scheduling coordinator Sydney. Starting off in a Small town just outside of Baltimore Maryland. The future is bright for this young artist. Moving to Vegas at the young age of 5. Art was always an outlet for Syd from a young age. Eventually was able to take that into her academics in high school, and into college where she attended UNLV for a fine arts degree. Over the years starting since she was a teen, tattoos always stuck out as a form of art especially in the music scenes she surrounded herself in. And started working at tattoo shops to make that dream a reality. If you donʼt find her a pen perfecting her art, or doing a photo shoot as a part time alt model, you can find her pillaging a village on Skyrim while her two catʼs Sink and Kira keep her company

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