Meet one of our amazing assistants, Janice! Born in 1990 in suburban Los Angeles, she grew up in a split household with 5 other siblings. Janice relocated to Las Vegas at the age of four and has been in Vegas ever since. Growing up in a very traditional family, she was always lead to believe she needed to be in the medical industry. She went to college for a Biology degree. Sadly, since then, her parents have passed. Now her eyes are set on learning the craft of tattooing by the individuals around her. When she is not replying to inquiries or taking care of the shop, you can find her oil painting or hanging out at home with Ukyo, her crested gecko, and other animal companions while watching some anime.


Meet the Co-Owner of Seven Tattoo Studio; Emily Rocha! Originally from West Phoenix, Emily (or “Em” for short) started off her journey as a medical assistant before meeting her husband, Daniel Rocha. The two hit it off, she relocated to Las Vegas. Emily then started working for a criminal defense attorney in town where she gained a lot of business knowledge which she's applied to our studio today. When Daniel decided to open his own studio, Em wanted to see her partner succeed and stepped into the realm of owning a tattoo business with her husband. Emily works hard to stay updated on business knowledge and attends and hosts seminars herself to teach other artists and business owners succeed. You can find her in the studio, making sure the shop is running smoothly or with a client in her PMU/beauty tattoo room.


Meet Jay! One of the most passionate individuals we are pleased to have on our team. Jay helps with clients, artists, setups, breakdowns, food runs, and just general work around the studio. Born in 94, Jay is the youngest of 4. At a young age, his father passed, and his mom raised the family. His mother's hard work to take care of the family rubbed off on Jay as from his first job at the age of 14, he has always had a strong work ethic and strived to do whatever task given at the highest standard. Jay loves the arts and is continuing his growth in pursuing his goals- creating his own clothing company, and being involved with the community with a boys and girls club.


This is our awesome shop assistant, Sydney! She started off in a small town just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, and moved to Vegas at the age of 5. Art was always an outlet for Syd from a young age. Eventually, she was able to take that into her academics through college at UNLV for a fine arts degree. Tattoos always stuck out as a form of art to her, especially in the music scene she surrounded herself in. She put her dream of tattooing into a reality and started working for shops around town. If she's not with a pen perfecting her art or doing an alt photo shoot as a part time model, you can find her pillaging a village in Skyrim while her two catʼs, Binx and Kira, keep her company.