Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. About our Studio

 Q: What sets Seven Tattoo Studio apart from the rest?

 A: Our distinction lies in our unparalleled artistry, superior quality equipment, and an unwavering commitment to curating bespoke experiences for every client. We're meticulous about hygiene and client comfort, which underscores our reputation.

 Q: Where can I find you?

 A: Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, we're at 5850 Polaris Ave, Unit 1200. We're conveniently close to major hubs and transport junctions.


2. Specializations

 Q: What styles do you specialize in at Seven Tattoo Studio?

 A: Our mastery is globally recognized, especially in black and grey realism, hyper-realism, portrait, and custom script. However, our expertise isn't limited there. We're proficient in:

  • Surrealism
  • Fine line
  • Color realism
  • Black & grey
  • Tattoo cover-up
  • Scar cover-up
  • Old & new school
  • Tribal
  • Bio-mechanical
  • Geometric
  • Illustrative

We pride ourselves on our versatility, allowing us to craft tattoos that resonate with diverse client visions.


3. Appointments & Pricing

 Q: Is a prior appointment necessary?

 A: To guarantee an exceptional experience, we recommend securing an appointment. We do occasionally accommodate walk-ins, but they're rare given our high demand.

 Q: How do you price tattoos?

 A: Pricing is influenced by the artist's expertise, the intricacy of the design, size, and session duration. We offer complimentary consultations to provide tailored quotes.


4. Preparation & Aftercare

 Q: Any pre-tattoo rituals I should follow?

 A: Begin with a hearty meal, abstain from alcohol for at least 24 hours, and arrive with a clear vision of your desired artwork. We run multiple food trips daily for your convenience.

 Q: Post-tattoo care recommendations?

 A: Every client receives a detailed aftercare guide, covering cleaning procedures, ointment recommendations, and activity restrictions.


5. Health & Safety

 Q: How do you ensure hygiene and safety?

 A: We set the gold standard for hygiene in Las Vegas. We rigorously sterilize all equipment and exclusively use single-use needles and inks.

 Q: I have a skin condition. Can I still get tattooed?

 A: Please consult with a dermatologist first. Once cleared, brief our artists about any skin concerns or sensitivities.


6. Design & Customization

 Q: Can I bring a personal tattoo design?

 A: Absolutely! Collaborate with our artists to fine-tune and adapt your vision.

 Q: Do you entertain cover-up tattoos?

 A: They aren't our primary focus, but we recognize their importance. Let's discuss during a consultation.


7. Miscellaneous

 Q: Is there an age threshold for getting a tattoo at Seven Tattoo Studio?

 A: You must be at least 18 years old. A valid photo ID is required for verification.

 Q: Can I be accompanied by a friend?

 A: Friends are welcome in the studio, but for safety and space reasons, only the client is allowed in the tattooing area.